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Facility management jobs in Dubai walkin Trichy19th

Facility management .Dubai walkin Trichy19th Facility management jobs Dubai 1:MEP SUPERVISORS.facility management jobs dubai GRADE A;BASIC SALARY=2500 +2500 ALLOWANCE =5000 AED GRADE B;BASIC SALARY=2000 +1750 ALLOWANCE =3750 AED GRADE C;BASIC SALARY=1500 +1500 ALLOWANCE =3000 AED 2:ELECTRICIAN GRADE A;BASIC SALARY=1300+1000 ALLOWANCE=2300 AED GRADE B;BASIC SALARY=1100+700 ALLOWANCE=1800 AED GRADE C;BASIC SALARY=825+500 ALLOWANCE=2300 AED 3:HVAC TECHNICIAN GRADE A;BASIC SALARY=1400+1200 ALLOWANCE=2600 AED GRADE B;BASIC

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